Sponsoring Partners

Our sponsoring partners provide quality services for SpoRTA members at the best possible prices. Members are encouraged to contact them regarding any relevant services they provide.

Our current Sponsoring Partners are:

Class Telecommunications
Alliance Leisure
The Nautlius Health & Fitness Group
Gladstone MRM
Pozzoni Design Group
Craftsman Quality Lockers
Zig Zag
House Of Play

Pozzoni Design Group Pozzoni Design Group

Pozzoni Design Group have, over the last 30 years, served the Leisure and Education sectors.

The Leisure and Education team are led by Brian Hanlon and Justin O’Brien, they have many years project experience and are very aware of the responsive, imaginative, yet practical professional service demanded by today’s leisure and education clients.

Pozzoni have many live projects on the go at the moment, Justin O’Brien, Executive Associate, has worked extensively in the Leisure Market over the last 15 years, particularly Local Authority / Community Based Leisure Centres, Pools and Sports Facilities”

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Alliance Leisure Alliance Leisure
Alliance Leisure provides facility development for Trusts who want to improve or expand the services they offer. Building development and the creation of new or improved facilities is achieved without the need for capital expenditure. Requirements are rentalised with repayments made affordable from revenue created by the new facilities.

To undertake a development project usually involves finding and co-ordinating several companies, with Alliance you have one agreement, one relationship. Our team includes some of the most experienced professionals in their fields and offers: business planning, design, building works, equipment, marketing, training and ongoing support.

Our objectives match those of our partners – to deliver an optimum scheme at the right price. This provides value for money and risk transfer, packaged into a single monthly payment, which is off balance sheet.

Alliance’s have a proven track record in taking projects from concept to completion. Our contractual agreements are tried, tested and approved. Development and repayment costs are fixed at the outset, reducing financial exposure and eliminating cost overruns. Your new facility will be delivered, fitted out and ready to operate. We also offer a partnership option to support operational establishment and ongoing business performance.

Contact – Sarah Watts 01278 444944
[email protected]
Alliance Leisure Services
24 Angel Crescent

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The Nautlius Health & Fitness Group The Nautilus Health & Fitness Group

Contact – Alex Warsop
[email protected]
4 Vincent Avenue
Milton Keynes

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Craftsman Quality Lockers Craftsman Quality Lockers

Changing rooms the next competitive battle ground:

Craftsman Quality Lockers have over 12 years experience and lead the way in innovation, style and the design of fitted changing rooms within the leisure industry. High quality changing rooms are now a key to increasing users and income through Leisure Centre Fitness Facilities and perform a vital support function to the quality of your instructors and gym. A new craftsman fitted changing area will therefore give your Leisure Centre the WOW factor that you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Craftsman Quality Lockers, have also developed a range of products to help leisure centres and fitness clubs improve the accessibility and usage of their changing rooms by people with differing abilities. These products include Special tactile numbers,,Enlarged Key Fobs, Tactile Key Tags, The Equaliser Locker System and The Maximizer Range of Lockers, for further details please visit their web-site at www.craftsman-quality-lockers.co.uk or via the contact below.

Contact – John Gibbs
[email protected]
Craftsman Quality Lockers
Alington Rd, Little Barford
St Neots
PE19 6WE

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Gladstone MRM Gladstone PLC

Gladstone plc is a leading supplier of software, infrastructure and services to the UK and International Leisure and Education sectors. For almost twenty years we have created innovative products and services to enable clients to manage customer relationships (CRM), bookings, ePoS, access control, e-registration, cashless payments and identity recognition.

Gladstone Health & Leisure provides an integrated suite of core management systems and support services to an extensive client list. Our products are packaged to suit any operation and are used by thousands of front line staff and managers every day in health clubs, hotels, leisure centres, golf courses, play centres, schools and universities.

Our software solutions are scaleable from a single operation to multiple sites sharing a central database allowing investment for future growth.

A comprehensive range of services, application and technical back up, marketing and hosting services make Gladstone the natural partner of choice for leisure operators worldwide.

Contact – Arthur Morris 01491 201010
[email protected]
Gladstone PLC
Hithercroft Rd
OX10 9BT

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Zoggs Zoggs

Born in Australia, the home of swimming, and with our roots still firmly embedded here, ZOGGS is now ‘swimming all around the world’.

An innovative range of market leading goggles remain at the heart of the ZOGGS brand and we will remain focused on that heritage as we grow into a full service swim brand. At ZOGGS we care deeply about what we are doing, for us its more than just designing highly innovative, quality swimming equipment and swimwear, it’s a passion.

We want all swimmers whether they be swimming for fitness or recreation, to enjoy the freedom, fun and exhilaration of the water with unconditional trust in their ZOGGS goggles, equipment and swimwear.

Contact – Kim Blondell
[email protected]
Zoggs International Ltd
Courtyard House
The Square
GU18 5SS

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Class Telecommunications Class Telecommunications

A first class telecommunications package for SpoRTA. Class Telecommunications have been providing landline and mobile telephony services in the UK since 1989.

We deliver added value through a complete range of bespoke solutions that improve the quality of your telecommunications and save you money.

We know how difficult it can be to find the most cost-effective supplier, whether on voice, data, internet, mobiles, telecoms software or hardware, which is why we offer practical and expert advice in these fast-changing, complex sectors. Your interests are central to our business and we will tell you whether a particular solution will really work for you.

Class is your single point of contact for all telecom needs. You will always be able to speak with our customer care team directly, whether it’s to place an order or simply ask a question.

Call : FREE on 0800 652 3170
Email : [email protected]
Website : sporta.classtelecom.co.uk

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Zig Zag Zig Zag

ZigZag’s mission is to create a wide portfolio of existing ideas for the leisure industry who want to offer children’s physical activities ranging from indoor fitness based classes to outdoor sport based sessions. Products include Activ8, ScoobieBall, SmartBall and Sports PC. ZigZag is a division of PTE Plc Group of companies.

Activ8 is a new children’s concept, aimed at children between 7-18, incorporating cardiovascular and resistance training. Activ8 increases muscular strength, flexibility, endurance and aerobic capacity and improves body composition.

SportsWall products are created to get today’s children off the couch and moving their bodies, whilst providing them with the interactive stimuli they have come to expect.

ScoobieBall features an enclosed playground. Embedded in the sides and roof are electronic targets, scoreboard and time clock.

SportsPC models are designed for beginners through to advanced players and offer a variety of single and two player games. The SportsPC is a training device, not only for tennis but players of all ball games.

PaviPlay offer children’s flooring for indoor and outdoor, play and learning areas.

Contact – Paul Shinners
[email protected]
Zig Zag
Unit D3, Braintree Industrial Estate
Braintree Road
South Ruislip
Tel : 07859 342854

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P81 P81

Contact – Chris Cope
[email protected]
Promotions 81
Unit 6
Bridge Street Mills
SK11 6QA
Tel: 01625 500000
Fax: 01625 611125

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House Of Play House Of Play

Contact – Dave Booth / Jeff Ainsley
[email protected] / [email protected]
House Of Play Ltd
Abbey Road

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