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Why Join Sporta?

Sporta is the national association representing leisure and cultural trusts. Our primary aim is to support members’ interests, with their direct engagement in deciding what to do, and active participation in Sporta’s work. The principal activities and benefits for members are in the following fields, which partially overlap and interact. Sporta Scotland has its own strategy and business plan, complementing the UK activities.

For further information, please download the 'Benefits of Joining Sporta' document.


Sporta maintains or supports several networks between members for sharing information and intelligence, supported by a programme of Members’ Surveys. These networks are used in various ways, including: the ability to circulate (via Sporta) requests for advice and experience; attendance at regular General and regional meetings; membership of Sporta group projects; the Sporta newssheet; individual reports on matters of interest to members; occasional access to the Chief Executive/Sporta office for member topic discussion groups; seminars and other events; and the ability to advertise on the Sporta website.

Influencing Decision Makers

Sporta engages with national and local government and other public and private sector institutions, raising and promoting the interests of members. We draw on information and views gathered from our networks to ensure that legislators, regulators and grant providers are aware of how trusts benefit several public policy objectives – and what members need to help them continue to do this successfully.  Sporta has campaigned on issues such as the implementation of the EU Procurement Directive and business rate retention proposals so that regulations are appropriate for the needs of Sporta members. We have also been involved in developments in policies on open public services, public health and charity law review and we are planning a campaign on VAT provisions.

As well as our own work, Sporta is represented on or otherwise works with other organisations in sectors which trusts are involved in, including the LGA, Charity Tax Group, NCVO, ukactive, Social Enterprise UK, Sport and Recreation Alliance, CIMSPA, and Skills Active.

Member Projects and Services

Sporta runs a number of projects and services to provide expert insight and advice to our members. We operate development groups to provide resources and joint working to support programme growth in the key areas of Cultural Development, Public Health and Sports Development.  Additionally, Sporta focus on business priorities where efficiencies are vital at a time of rising costs and increasing regulation. The main projects in this area are on pensions, VAT, asset transfer, impact measurement, social finance and energy.

How to Join Sporta

Sporta currently offers two categories of membership;

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is intended for organisations in the process of forming a trust. It offers access to the sporta network, the opportunity to attend meetings and receive correspondence on relevant matters. Associate membership lasts for up to a year although in exceptional circumstances it can be renewed. Most associate members progress to full membership when full trust status is attained. To apply for associate membership please send a completed application form to Sporta, CAN Mezzanine, 49-51 East Road, London N1 6AH. If the application is approved we will ask for payment of the Associate fee (£300 plus VAT for each full year) and seek the details for registration.

Full Membership

Full Membership of Sporta is designed for established trusts and allows full participation within Sporta and it’s related working groups. To apply for full membership please send a completed application form, signed copy of our Charter of Integrity, and a copy of your constitutional documents. The annual fee for full membership relates to your organisations turnover. When your application is approved you will be invoiced in accordance with the subscription bands set out below. 





£10k - <£500k


£500k - <£1m


£1m - <£2m


£2m - <£5m


£5m - <£10m


£10m - <£20m

£20m - £50m





Please note that admission to Sporta is subject to meeting the membership criteria and is at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The key criteria for full membership are to be non-profit distributing organisations that manage cultural and leisure facilities that are open to the general public.

If you require further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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