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The identification and prioritisation of cost-effective energy saving opportunities and waste reduction methods has helped trusts to reduce their carbon footprint.

This area will include case studies on the design of new trust buildings along with examples of eco-improvements that save costs and allow investment in other areas.

Tadcaster Community Swimming Pool - Voltage Optimisation

The trust worked with Powerstar to install a Voltage Optimisation Unit into the centre, which has resulted in significant reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Read the full case study here.

Tees Active - Voltage Optimisation

Working with Powerstar, Tees Active have worked to correct the incoming overvoltage across three of their venues. This has reduced energy consuption and offered longevity for the electrical equipment at each of the sites. Please see the case studies for these venues below. Billingham Forum case study  Splash Stockton case study  Thornaby Pavillion case study 

BH Live - Investing For The Future

BH Live is actively exploring ways to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions with several leading specialists in the field of energy management. The aim in the next 12 months is to commence the introduction of new energy saving and conservation initiatives. To read more, click here.

West Lothian Leisure - Conservation Strategy

  Read about West Lothian Leisure's Conservation Strategy here  

Kirklees Active Leisure - Induction Lighting

Read about the impact of installing Induction Lighting here

Kirklees Active Leisure - Electronic Commutated Motors

Kirklees Active Leisure have installed Electronic Commutated Motors to many of their air handling units with extremely good results. Read more here

Kirklees Active Leisure - Dewsbury Sports Centre

KAL began its energy reduction programme in 2009. Dewsbury Sports Centre was one of the first sites to focus on and a variety of measures taken resulted in a 42% reduction in CO2.  Read more here

Kirklees Active Leisure - Combined Heat and Power Units

Kirklees Active Leisure have 5 Combined Heat and Power units (CHP) which is one of the main elements of their cost reduction programme. Read more here

Pendle Leisure Trust - Environmental Policy

Click here to read Pendle Leisure Trust's Environmental Policy.

Highlife Highland - Carbon Clever

High Life Highland (HLH) have signed up to the Carbon CLEVER initiative. Carbon CLEVER is a Highland Council initiative to achieve a carbon neutral Inverness in a low carbon Highlands by 2025. Click here to read more.

Edinburgh Leisure - Green Plan

Edinburgh Leisure is committed to reducing their impact on the Environment. They have created a Green Plan to help achieve this by engaging with their staff and customers. The Green Plan is now in its third year and is updated annually to set new targets and priorities for their business.

Halo Leisure - Leominster Community Solar

Halo Leisure supported a community owned renewable energy scheme in Herefordshire which was launched as part of Herefordshire's H.Energy Week on 17th October 2011.  Andrew Talbot, Halo's Technical Director said "This is the next important step for us in our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Our customers will also benefit, as we will have lower priced electricity and greater security on our energy bill, helping to ensure our services stay affordable for our clients".  Click here to learn more about the award winning community programme. 

Wychavon Leisure - Hydropower Project

Wychavon Leisure has introduced a number of energy saving initiatives to its leisure facilities to reduce energy usage and its impact on the environment, click here to read more. 

Live Active Leisure - Speed Controls

Live Active Leisure started a project at Perth Leisure Pool to install speed controllers to all fans and motors to reduce energy consumption and make savings, click here to read to full story. 

Freedom Leisure Reduce Carbon Emissions

Freedom Leisure have opted to use renewable energy in a third of its centres. These centres will now be powered by energy produced by biomass boilers provided by Haven Power. Click here to read about how Freedom Leisure trust have embraced green energy and reduced carbon emissions. 

Keeping it Green at Lakes Leisure

Lakes Leisure have installed new energy saving measures.

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